About Me

40 years industry experience

I started at an early age, growing up in the kitchens and dining rooms of our family owned restaurants. I went on to study the exciting world of hospitality and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality from University of New Orleans in 1992.  I was hired out of college and transferred to Telluride, Colorado to assist in the opening of the 5 star Doral Hotel.  I worked in corporate while putting myself through school, as well as large caterers in New Orleans. In my 20's I settled down and became an entrepreneur, starting in Boulder, Colorado as a personal chef.

At 29 I opened my first restaurant in Ridgway, Colorado, focusing on sustainable cuisine.  I started the Slow Food Convivium for the Western Slope of Colorado.  11 years and 2 restaurants later, I chose to get closer to our food sources, as well as dive into the science and chemistry of food, gastronomy and the study of our food systems.   This course  has ultimately brought me full circle back to becoming a personal chef and now sharing  my passion, devotion and zest for this art into one of a kind culinary courses.


I am a passionate fisherwoman and blue crabber.  In my spare time I make herbal oils and vinegars, fish and meat jerky, pickles, jams, jellies, butters, seasoning salts.  I grow herbs and vegetables and raise chickens and quails.  I love reading and learning ethnic and historical cuisines.